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Hall Rental

The hall and kitchen facilities are available to rent for parties and special events. Tables, chairs and CD player are available on site.

Hall rental pricing

ItemStandard PriceActive Member* Price
Hall Rental$15 / hour$10 / hour
Full afternoon/evening events$200$150
Light kitchen use (water, sink, fridges)$25$25
Full kitchen (dishes, stove/oven,etc.)$50$50
Bar Services**See below
All events require a damage deposit$75$75

* An active member is a member "in good standing" who participates in meetings and volunteer activities.

**Bar and liquor licensing is renters responsibility. We can provide full services for a fee of $70 to obtain license. There is a $150 charge for full bar staff.

Facility Specifications

Main Floor

Capacity: 120 non-fixed seating, 95 non-fixed tables & chairs, 75 dining & beverage set-up
Dimensions: 42' x 30' plus kitchen and washrooms

Lower Floor

Capacity: 71 non-fixed seating, 56 non-fixed tables & chairs, 44 dining & beverage
Dimensions: 42' x 18'

Booking Contact

Contact via e-mail at Seaforth Hall